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OOM/IM: The Letters

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Baze in possession of tastebuds, must be in want of tea. He ambles up to the bar after morning forms, sweaty and tired but content, his now twice-as-heavy--thanks to Ibani's cortosis core--staff slung across his shoulders. He leans it across the counter, and pats the bar.

Bar provides a cup of tea--oolong and almond--and a datapad.

Curious, Baze picks up the pad and tests the tea, making an appreciative hum at the taste. He reads the first couple of lines.

Then he drops the cup.

He needs to find Chirrut.
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Chirrut is in their rooms, half-clothed after his shower. He's stretching lazily, almost ready to continue dressing and follow Baze downstairs for breakfast. There's a patch of warm sunlight in the middle of the room.

And a Chirrut 'stretching' in the middle of it.

We swear he's not part feline.
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"What?" Chirrut, on his feet and panting from the adrenaline, tilts his head like a lost dog. "What orph... our orphans?" He demands, catching on. "What about Kaya? Where are they?"
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Chirrut grasps it, his fingers fumbling over the screen for a moment before he gets his bearings. He has to cough, hard, to clear his throat, and he leans against his friend as he starts to read.

"Dear Guardian Imwe and Guardian Malbus,
Kaya said I had to write that, even though you've been Uncle Chirrut and Uncle Baze since always. I.."

Chirrut coughs, hard - he remembers the weight of this boy, the soft petal feel of the boy's fingertips against his face.
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Chirrut leans back, grounding himself to the here and now.

"I think we'll be landing at our new home soon. We have been learning neat things like how to build a fire. Do you know how to build a fire?"

Chirrut pauses.

"Force, they're going to set fire to the ship."
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"They're alive." Chirrut echos, shifting so he can wrap an arm around Baze's shoulders and hang on. "The plan worked. It worked."
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Killi Gimm - she had been braver than many, since she accomplished what so few managed in those dark days. She stayed true to her self, despite the growing darkness, despite illness, despite her sister and the children leaving.

He was supposed to visit her that afternoon, the day it all fell apart.

He hopes, so belatedly, that she hadn't been left waiting.

He clings to Baze now, his arms tight around Baze's shoulders, mourning with his friend - the loss of NiJedha is still so big it feels almost numbing - the lost of individuals is more sharply agonizing.
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"Tea first, I think we'll need it." Chirrut agrees, leaning back against the wall. He just... misses them. He misses the weight of the children when he'd carry them, he misses their cheerful voices, he misses tea with the sisters. He misses the markets with their noise and bustle, Force, he misses the smell of it, even in the latter days.

"Tea... would be good."
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"They were gorgeous." Chirrut sighs, leaning against his friend. "They took them, you know. The Imperials. I heard them rolling past the prison compound." He wondered for a long time after his imprisonment if he'd really heard it, or if had been some sort of fever delusion.

But it never faded, like hallucination.
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Chirrut settles in Baze's hold, picking up the letter again.

"When do you think they'll find out? About NiJedha - they'll probably assume we were still on planet at the time." He asks, sadly tracing the edges of the pad.
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"I suppose it would be wrong to write back." Chirrut muses, wistfully. He loves heaven, he truly does, he loves the freedom from fear and the joy of hearing prayers from Baze's mouth again. He loves freedom from hunger, and the ridiculous amount of choice. He loves his tea trees, and Baze's brewery.

But he can long to reach out to these lost Jedhans.
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Chirrut keeps a sulky reply that he wouldn't mind a letter from the dead so much to himself - it's a bit of a lie, anyway.

"Yes, I am... let's see what trouble they've gotten themselves into."
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"They're thriving." Chirrut agrees, his fingers rereading the farewell over and over. "They're thriving, and they're self, well out of the Empire's focus."

They're all safe now, despite how the war rages on.