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Baze Malbus

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Baze Malbus is a great, big bear of a man, who is wholly devoted to his best friend and family member, Chirrut Imwe. Baze was a former Guardian of the Temple of Kyber in the holy city of NiJedha, on the moon Jedha, on which he has lived all his life. He’s in his mid-fifties, and prefers a heavy repeater blaster cannon as well as bazooka weapons, specializing in long-range combat. He’s a crack shot.

Baze decidedly does not believe in the Force—anymore. He used to be a Guardian of the Whills, and now he’s a cynical bastard, who lives to mess with the Imperials occupying NiJedha. He and Chirrut frequently attack Stormtroopers, protecting the good people of Jedha. By the time Baze meets Cassian and Jyn, Baze is a hardened soldier whose only purpose is protecting Chirrut.

Despite that, Baze smiles easily. He’s always cracking jokes—often at Chirrut’s expense. Baze takes great pride in his work and in his ability to protect his friend.

Special Note: Baze is almost always armed and armored, carrying knives, his MWC-35C heavy repeater cannon, a shock stick up his left sleeve, and a staff with a core of cortosis, which can short out lightsabers.

Baze Malbus is from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and is the property of Disney. He appears here solely for the purpose of roleplaying in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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