The Job

May. 5th, 2017 11:00 pm
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The job pays well, at least. That's the only good thing about it.

The intel Baze was given was shaky at best, and while his target goes down without a fight, the Selkath bodyguard she employed is a surprise. An aquatic species resembling a catfish with aqua-colored skin, the Selkath fights viciously, tackling Baze from above and mauling his arm with venom-tipped claws.

Baze bellows, swinging his repeater cannon up and around to fire upon the creature. He pumps blaster bolts into him, stumbling away when the Selkath disengages. Baze didn't expect the claws. To a Selkath, use of their retractable claws is dishonorable, a sign of madness. Baze's arm burns, and he grits his teeth against the pain. He knows he has to find an antidote, and fast.

He staggers back home, back to Chirrut.
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Young Baze has a secret.

He's managed to smuggle something soft and small and adorable into his room, without alerting any of the Masters or the little acolytes he's supposed to be training at the moment. Now he's waiting for Chirrut, stroking the baby animal and hiding at any random noise from the stone corridor.

The Flower

Apr. 15th, 2017 12:15 am
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Baze wasn't sure how it happened.

He'd found her. He'd found Eiko, Chirrut's white flower. She was walking in the market, just as haughty as she pleased, staff slung over her shoulder and a dirty look for anyone who passed her by. Including Baze, until she recognized him.

"Baze!" she said, rushing forward to meet him. "I thought you were dead! Where's Chirrut?"

"Eiko! He's safe," Baze said, picking the slight girl up and swinging her around. "I'm so glad to have found you!"

She giggled, kicking her feet against his legs. "Put me down, you big oaf," she said, slapping him on his shoulder with the hand not holding her staff. "Please, I have to see him."

"Yes, of course," Baze said, setting her on her feet again. "Of course. Come with me."

He'd led her down the wrong alleyway. Imperial troops were there, 'questioning' a shopkeeper. The twi'lek's cries of pain echoed against the stone as the troopers beat him for information. Eiko refused to pass by. Instead, she launched into a furious defense, taking down stormtroopers with her staff at a speed Chirrut would be proud of.

Baze didn't see what happened next.

He'd had his back turned, firing at reinforcements when Eiko screamed. Blaster fire had scorched her chest and the side of her face. Bright, red blood stained her white skin, spattered across her body. She dropped to her knees, the grace suddenly gone from her movements. Her staff fell from her hands to clatter on the street, oddly loud despite the noise of the fight.

"Eiko! Eiko, no!" Baze cried, cradling her against his chest, but it was too late. Troopers swarmed the alleyway like so many fire ants. He had no choice but to flee, cutting a swath through them with his repeater cannon.

It had all happened so fast, Baze wasn't sure if he'd really found her, or if she was just a hallucination brought on by hunger and poor sleep. But the blood on his hands didn't lie.

He couldn't tell Chirrut.
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(OOC: Continued from here.)

Master Sheotar leads the boys to a Spartan, underground chamber perfumed with burning incense and lit only by candles. Thousands of them. Baze looks around, shell-shocked. He's never been this deep in the temple before. He clings to Chirrut's hand and describes the surroundings in a boyish whisper.

"Is this the boy?" a deep-voiced Twi'lek woman in brown robes says, her hands folded in her giant sleeves. "Which one do you wish me to question?"

"Chirrut," Master Sheotar says, stopping in front of her at the end of the chamber, "this is Taza Madowki. A visiting Jedi. She has some questions for you."
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"Your parents are dead."

Eight-year-old Baze didn't hear anymore after Master Sheotar said that damning statement. Her voice, thin and strained with the news, faded away in his ears. He heard her speak for as long as he was able, and then fled the room, hot tears blinding him as he ran down the halls of the Temple of the Kyber.
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The delectable scents of roasted, imported squash and pumpkin fill the Temple of the Kyber today, as the harvest festival of Jedha is in full swing. Baze has been greeting pilgrims who are here to see the kyber all day, and has decided to make a beeline for the kitchens. Caramel Gor apples await him, and he licks his lips as he heads down the halls, keeping an eye out for Chirrut.

The threat of the newly-established Empire is a persistent, gnawing sensation in the back of Baze's mind, one he tries not to pay too much attention to. Chirrut has decided to stay and protect the kyber, and Baze has begrudgingly chosen to remain by his side. All Baze can do is try to remain cheerful, despite the peril breathing down his neck.
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It's a younger Baze and a even younger Chirrut that rest in the Temple of the Kyber today, with Baze reading aloud from a Jedi text. The air is freezing cold as they recline on woven mats, leading the two Guardians to shiver profusely.

Baze finishes the scroll he was reading and rolls it up, nudging Chirrut in the leg with a foot. "Hey, Chirrut," Baze says. "Are you even paying attention?"


Apr. 5th, 2017 10:49 pm
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Young Baze has always loved the market just outside the Temple of the Kyber in the holy city of NiJedha, where he is a Guardian. The sights and scents and sounds are enticing, and there is always something new to behold.

Today is no different. He and Chirrut have been tasked with picking up the order of vegetables for tonight's dinner, and so it is with a light step and a happy heart that Baze ventures into the stalls.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 01:22 am
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Young Baze was never the most patient of people. That award belongs to his friend, Chirrut--or so Baze thinks. So when the elders of the Temple of the Kyber told him that he would be the one running the children's martial arts class, he balked.

"Hello," Baze says, entering the class where the children--ages anywhere from six years old to nine--are waiting for him. He steps lightly despite his massive bulk, and stands at the front of the lined up students. "My name is Baze Malbus, and I'll be teaching you today."

"Hello, teacher Baze," the students say in unison. Sort of. There are a few stragglers.

"It's time to learn how to breathe. First, make sure you're standing up straight," Baze says, clasping his hands behind him to keep from fidgeting. "Next, we'll draw a breath. Pretend you're sucking air in from the bottoms of your toes to the tops of your heads..."



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